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Served with a Paternity Suit in Colorado? Contact a Colorado Springs Paternity Attorney

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

blog-logoYou may have always dreamed of becoming a parent, but being served with a paternity action is probably not the way you had planned on becoming one.  Perhaps you've bee served with a lawysuit but you not even sure if you're the father.  It may be a good idea to challenge the action, especially if you no longer are in contact with the mother.  If you plan to take a paternity test and you live in the state of Colorado, then it may be time to speak with a paternity attorney

Of course, there are other reasons to work with a paternity lawyer, including any effort to establish paternity as an unmarried father.  A paternity attorney can also help if you have become a psychological or “defacto” parent to a child and want to establish your parent rights.

However, if you’ve been served with a lawsuit for paternity in Colorado and you believe you are not the father; it is important to contact an experienced team of paternity lawyers immediately.  There are many circumstances when a paternity test may become necessary, but it is not something that should be attempted without representation.  The financial responsibilities of raising a child can be overwhelming, and it is unwise to assume these responsibilities unless you are sure you are the father.  A Colorado Springs paternity attorney can ensure that the right kind of testing is administered and that you have the proper representation in court.

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