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When is a Paternity Attorney Necessary in Colorado?

Thursday, 30 September 2010

blog-logoWhen most men hear the words “paternity attorney”, a chill runs up their spine.  That’s because so many movies and public scandals have revolved around the negative aspects of paternity; particularly being “sued for” paternity.  But in reality, most people who hire paternity lawyers are not women who are looking to prove anything about the father of their child; rather, it people hire a paternity attorney for a mix of reasons.

Here are some of the more common reasons for hiring a paternity lawyer:

  • There are certain instances where a child was born to an unmarried couple and only the mother is listed on the birth certificate.  When this is the case, the father may ask a paternity attorney to confirm his paternity and grant him all of the appropriate parental rights. 
  • Another reason to establish paternity is when a man is acting as a “defacto” parent.   Defacto parents are often referred to as psychological parents, and are not necessarily related to the child biologically.  This can occur when a family member or friend is raising a child that is not their own.
  • Certain cases exist where a paternity test is necessary in order to establish parental rights with your children.  When this occurs, it is wise to consult with a Colorado Springs paternity attorney with experience in Colorado family courts.

If your situation fits any of these descriptions, or if you have been served with a paternity action in Colorado, working with an attorney who specializes in this paternity law is preferable to "going it alone".

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