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social_security_divorceIf you think the complications of divorce came to a close on the day you received your divorce decree; think again. Ask any Colorado Springs family lawyer, and they will tell you that your divorce will continue to be a factor to be dealt with, even well into your retirement years. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has thought of everything. They even devoted several pages on their website ( to help divorced people understand their benefit options.

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second_marriage_2When people go through a divorce, and the wounds of a failed marriage are still fresh, it's easy to assume that they would try to choose a more suitable partner in a second marriage. But unfortunately, people are creatures of habit and they still have a tendency to attract the same personality type again and again.

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cohabitation_with_kidsA lot has been written about the subject of cohabitation and whether it is a good idea to "try on" a partner before marriage. With so many couples getting divorced, even the most values-oriented demographic groups are starting to embrace the idea of living together. But is it wise to cohabitate when one or both partners have children? This was the topic of a Washington Post Q & A in the "On Love" section of their website, where readers are invited to weigh in by asking questions to an expert moderator.

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stepparentingIf there was ever a “subtle art” that requires extreme sensitivity, it would have to be step-parenting.  Just ask any stepchild how they feel about having a stepparent in their lives and they will not hesitate to tell say how they really feel.  Teenagers are particularly vocal about stepparents, who they see as an unnatural intrusion into their family life.

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adopted_childrensAnyone who has ever considered adoption has wondered about the problems that might come up.  Will the child eventually want to meet his or her birth parents?  Will they feel as close you when they grow up as they did when they were children?  How will it affect them when they realize they cannot inherit your personality, facial features or good health?  Truth is, most adopted kids are just as close to their parents as biological children.  Apparently “nurture” is just as influential as “nature,” but that doesn’t mean the child won’t have leftover issues from their previous living situation.

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social_media_custody_battleAs the audience for social media sites continues to grow, many divorce attorneys are advising their clients to be careful with their online presence.  Some are going as far as telling them to delete their Facebook accounts right away, particularly clients who are involved in a custody battle.  But that isn’t always necessary.  Family lawyers often recommend a new level of privacy on social media accounts.

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ID-10044768Dating after a divorce may seem like the natural next-step, but unfortunately too many men and women make predictable mistakes.  Women typically wait too long to start dating and men start much too soon.  One reason for this is the lifestyle changes that are common to divorce – women take on a much larger share of responsibility and men find they have too much time on their hands.  It can also be said that women enjoy their newfound freedom from a relationship liberating, while men miss the conveniences of having a wife.

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e36c6106-805a-42eb-bb2e-ad06bfe60918When you start looking for positives in a situation that is normally perceived as negative, people often wonder if you’re hiding something, or not taking it seriously enough.  This is definitely the case with single parenting.  After all, isn’t the married life supposed to be the only path to happiness? Isn’t it true that single parents are perpetually stressed out?  Wouldn’t it be impossible to wear so many different hats in your family?  Sure, there are more financial pressures and very little down time when you’re on your own, but you eventually learn to live with that.  Single parents are so good at being industrious; they are often very successful in a starting a small business.

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military_spousesPeople who live outside of the military culture may not have an honest perspective on what it is really like – particularly for women who are “married to the military.”  If you are a military wife and a military mom, your marriage and family life may be strongly influenced by your husband’s career choice, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel cheated.  In fact, many women are grateful for the sense of community that comes from being a military wife.

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807847_25036805Enforcement of a child custody order in Colorado may seem complicated to the uninitiated, but there is a simple remedy that works for most cases.  A Colorado Springs family lawyer may file a Verified Motion Asserting Non-Compliance with the Colorado family court.  This motion may also be filed by an individual.  Either way, the court must respond within 30 days by denying the motion, setting a hearing date or requiring mediation between the parties with a report back to the court.

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