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Leaders in Family Law

We are Colorado Springs largest and most experienced law firm dedicated to only family law.

If you are divorcing, dealing with a custody dispute or other stressful family law issue, we understand that this is not an easy time for you. Family is important to us, and we know it can be very upsetting when things go wrong. Although a divorce or custody argument is stressful, it does offer you the opportunity to make positive changes in your life, both for you and for your children.

You need a family lawyer with expertise and experience. Our team of lawyers has a combined experience of over 50 years. As family law attorneys devoted exclusively to the practice of family law in the Colorado Springs area, our firm is adept at issues of divorce, legal separation, paternity, adoptions, spousal maintenance, child custody (parenting rights and responsibilities), visitation, marital property division, settlements, and mediation.

Do you need help with a military divorce? Our firm is especially adept at handling military divorces. We know the issues that can arise when one or both people are in the armed forces. Not only do you have to deal with all the emotional and financial aspects of divorce, but having a spouse in the military can complicate the process. We have an intimate knowledge of the rules and procedures of the military. If you are in the military or a military spouse, and you are facing a divorce, you need a qualified, professional counsel to guide you. If you are a soldier on active duty, we can guide you through your divorce via email. We offer active duty military personnel a 10 percent discount.

Are you divorcing and dealing with marital property division? We are very skilled in handling property division issues. We don’t handle it alone. You will benefit from our team of real estate appraisers, financial strategists and other professionals at our disposal to assist us. You do not want the hassle of revisiting your divorce decree in the future, so we make sure that all assets and debts are properly accounted for.

Military Discounts

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