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Marital Property Law in Colorado Springs

Marital property law can be the most complex part of any divorce. Marrison Family Law is expert at the most complicated property cases and will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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Marital Property Law in Colorado Springs 

Divorce property settlement is often the most dreaded, disagreeable, and emotional part of the divorce process.  However, we have found that once this has been accomplished, emotions settle, and the case becomes less contentious.  

Even if a couple has no children, it is likely they will have shared property or assets.  Marital property includes anything that a couple has acquired since their marriage began, with the exception of some gifts and inheritances.  Marital property also includes the increase in the value of property brought into the marriage, as well as property once held separately, but “gifted” to the marriage, either by adding the spouse on the title, or otherwise.

The more property held by a couple, the more difficult property division can become. Who will get the house? The car? The 401K? How will stocks, pensions, bonds, and bank accounts be divided in a divorce settlement? What happens to securities in our fluctuating market? While many couples attempt to tackle these questions themselves, in most cases it is necessary to enlist the help of an expert in marital property law.

A marital property lawyer/attorney will simplify even the most confusing and complicated marital estates and will ensure that nothing is left out of a property settlement. This includes business interests, home equity, dividends, and real assets that have been accumulated over the course of the marriage.

Divorce Property Settlement Factors to Consider in Colorado

Since Colorado is an “equitable distribution” state, the marital property does not need to be split 50/50; it only needs to be fair and equitable.  While equity can sometimes be established by dividing everything in half, it doesn’t need to be that way. 

At Marrison Family Law, we will take the confusion out of drafting a Colorado Springs divorce property settlement.Marital Property Law Colorado Springs

4 main factors need to be considered in a marital property case, commonly considered in family court:

  • Each spouse’s contribution to the property over the length of the marriage, including the contribution of a spouse who is a homemaker.

  • The value of owned properties and assets, set apart to each spouse. This includes 401K, pensions, and other investments.

  • Each spouse’s economic circumstances with regard to property, particularly the marital home. The court will not force either spouse to move out immediately when he/she lacks the means to do so.  This includes the desirability of awarding the right to live in the family home to the spouse with whom the couple’s children will reside most of the time.

  • Any increases or reductions in the value of the separate property of either spouse during the course of the marriage

In addition to our extensive legal knowledge and litigation skills, Marrison Family Law employs the help of many other Colorado Springs area professionals.  We work with accountants, personal property appraisers, and financial strategists to determine your property’s value.  Our eye for detail enables us to conduct a thorough accounting of everything that is jointly owned.  Our clients can rest assured that we will not leave anything out of the property division agreement (“separation agreement”) or that we will present all assets at the trial of the property division. Once this property division is ordered, or the separation agreement is accepted by the court, it becomes a part of the divorce decree and can stand on its own.

Work with a Reputable Colorado Springs Marital Property Law Professional

Call (719) 577-9292 and speak directly to the Marrison Family Law Firm today, the leader in marital property law in Colorado Springs.  We will answer your property division questions and help you determine your best course of action. There is absolutely no obligation and your consultation will be 100% confidential, so there's no risk.

Divorce is painful enough.  While it is very important to get it right, spending several months dealing with a property division can be extremely tedious, especially if you are doing it alone.  Before embarking on this endeavor, please contact us.  We can outline all of your options and help you determine a plan that will work for everyone.


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  • Pat worked with me to help me keep my home during a long and difficult divorce. Without her I don't feel I would have received a fair property settlement. Thank you!
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