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Post Divorce Decree Issues or Modification in Colorado Springs

Is your divorce final, but you now face a new post decree issue? Let the professionals at Marrison Family Law help you resolve your post decree issues.

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Post Divorce Decree Modification in Colorado Springs

After a divorce is finalized, situations can arise that neither party predicted.  When a Colorado resident seeks to modify an existing divorce decree, it means they must revisit that decree and reopen negotiations with their ex-spouse.  Oftentimes, divorced parents resolve custody and visitation disputes by referring back to their divorce decree, but sometimes a modification must be made to the decree itself.

Child Custody & Relocation Services

While all US Citizens have the right to travel, parents are also bound by specific parental rights, as outlined in child custody agreements.   Conflicts can arise when a custodial parent wishes to relocate their children, which can often lead a divorced couple back to court.   

When deciding whether a parent can relocate their children the court must balance the right to travel with parental rights. 

The court will consider:Post Decree Modification Colorado Springs

  • The parent’s reason for relocation 

  • The objections of the other parent

  • The impact of the move on the child

  • Educational opportunities for the children

  • Extended family members living in both the old and new locations

  • The possibility of creating a parenting time schedule if/when a move takes place

  • The history and quality of the relations with the child since any previous order was issued

  • The court may also use other professionals, such as psychologists, to determine the modification of parenting time.

  • Potential career enhancement

Colorado Child Support and Spousal Support Modification

Motions to modify child support and alimony are permitted when there has been a significant change in either parent’s circumstances.  Usually, the court defines “a significant change” as at least a 10 percent increase or decrease in the amount of support.  Spousal maintenance may also be modified as the level of need and the ability to pay changes unless the term "contractual and non-modifiable" is included in the order.

Work with a Reputable Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney

Whether a spouse wishes to relocate or financial issues require a modification of a child or spousal support agreement, it is possible to make changes to the decree.  If you need to address a change in circumstances or something that was left out of your original divorce decree, please contact the Marrison Family Law firm or give us a call at (719) 577-9292.  We will work with you to create a solution to your post-decree legal issues.

There's absolutely no obligation and your consultation will be 100% confidential, so there's no risk. Get the advice you need to make the best choices for you and your family.

Post Decree Testimonial

  • After I decided to move back to Florida, my initial custody agreement between my ex and me would no longer work. Marrison helped me work out an agreement with the ex. She helped me get what I needed from the agreement.
    - Post Decree Client
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