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Spousal Support/Maintenance Lawyers Colorado Springs

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Spousal Support Lawyers Colorado Springs

Spousal support, also known as spousal maintenance or alimony, is a financial award that seeks to prevent a divorced spouse from suffering a dramatic decrease in his/her standard of living.  When one spouse has a considerably higher earning capacity than the other, it makes sense to seek alimony or spousal maintenance.  Temporary spousal maintenance can be made available during the divorce proceeding, and permanent spousal maintenance makes it a part of the divorce decree process, although it can be modified as circumstances change.

Oftentimes, when one spouse has been out of the workforce for a significant time, it can be difficult, if not impossible for them to quickly attain the type of job or professional position that would let them maintain their standard of living.  Alimony allows the lower-income spouse a certain level of financial support until they can independently maintain the lifestyle they had while married.  

Facts about Spousal Maintenance in Colorado

Spousal Support Colorado Springs

Temporary maintenance/alimony granted during the process lasts until the issuance of a final decree.  For couples whose combined income is less than $75,000 per year, temporary maintenance is calculated by taking 40 percent of the higher earner’s income and subtracting 50 percent of the lower earner’s monthly wages. 

Permanent spousal support is less common than it was in the past.  In general, it is only awarded when a couple has been married for more than twenty years, or if one partner is permanently disabled, particularly when the disability occurred during the marriage.  When alimony is incorporated into the final decree, it is determined by need and the ability to pay. 

However, alimony can also be temporary, giving a Colorado homemaker spouse an agreed-upon amount of time to get back into the workforce.  This short-term financial support often called “rehabilitative alimony” gives the receiving spouse time to establish him or herself financially and become completely self-supporting. 

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